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The Brighton, an inspiring project situated in one of Melbourne’s most picturesque suburbs, showcases AAA’s exceptional commercial aluminium windows and doors, designed to maximise natural light and facilitate optimal airflow.

AAA’s premium window and door products highlighted in the Brighton project include our ProGlide Stacking Doors and Eco-Frame Commercial Window Framing systems. These innovative window and door systems blend seamlessly, creating a smooth transition between the interior living spaces and the beautiful outdoor areas, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the property.

A standout feature of the Brighton project is the pool area, accessed through AAA’s large 3-panel ProGlide stacking door. This is complemented by our expansive commercial fixed panels enclosing the internal courtyard, adding both beauty and practicality to the project’s design.

AAA is Victoria’s leading manufacturer of premium-quality, high-performance aluminium windows and doors. Send through an enquiry or call us on +61 3 8786 0770 to discuss the best solution for your building project.