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Designed by Matyas Architects and constructed by Fili Property, the Valor project showcases AAA’s superior commercial aluminium windows and doors in one of Melbourne’s most sought-after inner suburbs.

AAA’s commercial window and door systems featured in the Valor project include our ProGlide Sliding/stacking doors, Eco-Frame Commercial window framing, Swan Evo Pivot doors, and Hunter Evo 150mm flush glazed framing. Our products have been used to intricately accentuate the property’s form and function.

The interior bedrooms showcase full-height windows that blend seamlessly into the ceilings and walls, creating an expansive atmosphere. The central living space makes a remarkable statement with our Swan Evo pivot doors taking center stage. The strategic use of our ProGlide stacking doors, together with our commercial framing, beautifully unifies the spaces throughout the property.

The facade, with its full-glazed front, showcases an impressive architectural accomplishment.

AAA is Victoria’s leading manufacturer of premium-quality, high-performance aluminum windows and doors. Send through an enquiry or call us on +61 3 8786 0770. to discuss the best solution for your building project.