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Builder: Toebelmann Constructions
Architect Wolf Architects

AAA Advanced Windows:

Commercial grade windows and doors
Supply & installation
Double Glazing
“Sashless” sliding windows

AAA Advanced Trusses:

Posi Strut joists & rafters
Roof Trusses

The Wolf House, meticulously designed by architect and owner Taras Wolf,  serves as a haven for his family, a space for his architectural practice, and a sanctuary for his vintage Silver 1968 Mercedes 280SL.

This architectural marvel was built by long-term AAA client David Toebelmann and the team at Toebelmann Constructions. Their outstanding work on the Wolf House earned them the accolade of Winner for the 2013 HIA Custom Built Home in the $1 million – $2 million category.

The Wolf House prominently showcases AAA’s premier windows and doors. This includes premium commercial-grade fittings, double glazing, and innovative “sashless” sliding windows. A standout feature is the main living space, which fluidly connects with the northern yard thanks to a set of our exquisite bi-fold doors

Designed with energy efficiency in mind, the project ensures an abundance of natural light, enhanced by AAA’s commercial window and door systems. This design choice nearly eliminates the need for artificial lighting during the day.

With the integration of AAA products, The Wolf House epitomises both luxury and sophistication in a functional yet breathtaking space.

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